Comments From A Bible Student in Arkansas

From a 70 year old Bible student in AR commenting on our Bible lessons…

Oh how I wish I could have taken these lessons years ago! My life could have been so different!

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Old Scam with a New Twist

     Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! Today I would like to warn you of an old scam with a new twist!

     We have over 100 ministries online, and over 300 domains registered. It has been common place over the years for scammers to send emails and snail mails (US Mail) to our hosted ministries telling them their domains are about to expire with an offer to “save money” on a domain renewal. Sometimes their domains did not renew for several months (I received one for a domain I just registered LAST WEEK). The cost for us to register a domain is usually around $10 per year. The cost to save money through these so called special deals runs anywhere from $25-$75 per year if you “act now!”

     I have had at least one pastor send money to these scammers. Because of this, I keep the domains with my contact information to protect the ministry from these unscrupulous thieves.

     While we were in Maryland in August, one of our hosted ministries brought me a “Domain Name Expiration Notice.”  They could renew 1 year for $45. The domain did not expire until December! This particular scammer company is “Internet Domain Name Services (iDNS).” The letter looks official. They are one of the companies that have been running this old scam for a while now.


     I thought that this may have been a legacy domain that I had not changed the contact information on. When I looked at the domain name it was a new domain we registered in December for the first time. I went to the contact information and it had my contact information, not the ministry’s contact information. Internet Domain Name Services (iDNS) is taking this old scam to a new level. They are going so far as to go to the ministry’s web page to get the ministry address off the web page, and mailing a renewal to the ministry via US Mail in an attempt to scare the ministry into transferring the domain to the iDNS.

     If you own a domain you need to be aware of who your current domain is registered through and make sure you do not fall prey to unscrupulous scammers like iDNS. Scammers seem to continually find new ways to work an old scam to separate us from our money.

     Matthew 10:16 – Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.

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Follow up on doctor’s appointment

I had a follow up doctors appointment today. Retina is completely reattached. Having said this, I am not sure why he said that – it is being held in place by a gas bubble, and must reattach itself, or heal but it is looking good assuming everything goes as planned.

I have been unable to publish from my cell phone, so this is the only one that will have made it out on my twitter account – but I will bring the "prequels" to this post from Facebook in to the website if you are interested in the full story from twitter. I did have a retina detachment while attending the missions conference in Edgewood Texas.

Have another follow up appointment in two weeks.  I am so thankful for all of your prayers!

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Emergency Surgery

wp-image-471630836jpg.jpgChecking into surgical center. Scheduled for emergency retina reattachment surgery in a couple of hours. God is in control. Was a surprise ending to missions conference in Edgewood TX for me!

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Missions Conference – Edgewood TX

Missions Conference

     I have been invited to set up our display and attend the Missions Conference / Camp Meeting at New Beginning Baptist Church in Edgewood Texas.

     We have been hosting their website ( since 2009.

     I arrived early this morning and set up our display and it was a blessing to fellowship with several of the other missionaries that had displays set up at Missions Conference.

     It looks like there might be several missionaries that might be able to use a web site. We talked briefly and have scheduled some followup conversations.

     There was some good preaching and teaching today along with some great special music. I don’t have a lot of time to post right now, hopefully I will be able to get more in tonight or tomorrow.

     I will be at the Missions Conference tonight, tomorrow morning, tomorrow night and Tuesday morning, If you are in the Edgewood Texas area, come on out.  The actual camp meeting will go on through Wednesday the 14th.

     Evening service starts at 6:00 PM in the evenings and 9 AM to Noon in the mornings.

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Social Media – Facebook

     I was contacted several weeks ago by a young man that is doing something similar to what we are doing, only with social media.

     Christopher Burford helps churches create and train local staff to continue to post quality posts on their own. Social Media is becoming important in today’s day and age, and what a church and their staff posts on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and such is a direct reflection on their ministry, and can make a difference in whether or not a new family visits a church or decides a church is not for them.

     Christopher has a website called Schoolyard Media ( and it is interesting reading. Christopher’s home church is Victory Baptist Church in Wichita Falls Texas. We talked on the phone this week, and I am still trying to get my arms around Christopher’s ministry, and how he and I can work more closely together. We talked briefly about setting up Facebook Pages for churches that do not currently have an official Facebook page (you can find Mr. Burford on Facebook).

     After my conversation with Christopher I decided to set up a Facebook page for one of our supporting churches (Calvary Baptist Church in Mesquite Texas). It was an interesting experience, the Pastor and his wife are not on Facebook, but since I am currently maintaining their website for them, I figured I would link their website to the Facebook page, and see if we could get some members to start participating. It would still be a good way to help reach Mesquite with information about the church. They have a revival starting on Monday so I figured this would be a good time to kick it off. The Calvary Baptist Church Facebook page can be found at:

     Social Media has always been an integral part of our outreach, and talking with Christopher Burford about his ministry has helped me gain some clarity on the direction I need to go with it.

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Canaan Baptist Church – Monroe NC

     I received a request to update information in the Baptist ministries database ( for Canaan Baptist Church in Monroe North Carolina.  The church had changed locations and they were taking the time to update the database.

     We had an “unofficial” website up for them. The church had no web page, and no “official” Facebook page, so I asked if they would like a website. We traded some emails and they decided to go ahead and have me put up a website for them. The gentleman I was corresponding with was an Evangelist from Canaan Baptist Church (Adam Craddock).

     I offered some potential domain names for the church and Brother Adam decided that would be a good domain name for Canaan Baptist Church in Monroe NC.

     I registered the domain for the church this morning, and installed a basic WordPress Website for them. The church has a brochure on order and will provide information from the brochure to me for content for the website when he can provide it.

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Calvary Baptist Church – Emporia Kansas

     I was contacted last week by Calvary Baptist Church of Emporia Kansas. I had rescued their domain ( back in 2009, and they wanted to take back ownership of the domain.

     I talked a bit with the church member that was going to be running with their website and he wants to try working with WordPress. I set up a WordPress installation on their website for them today and provided a login ID for him.

     The domain “rescue” mission was something I came up to help protect the church’s assets and to keep linked ministries from being taken over by advertisers or worse sites with adult content.

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Freedom Baptist Church – Newton NC

     On Sunday evening (August 28) Maureen and I had the pleasure of presenting our ministry to Freedom Baptist Church in Newton North Carolina.

Freedom Baptist Church - Newton NC

     I was contacted by Pastor ‘Bo’ Caulder back in 2014 to update some incorrect information in Baptist Ministries Database. They had a website up on WIX, and after a brief discussion Pastor Caulder decided he would like to try out WordPress.

     Pastor Caulder has put up sermons, and music and with the help of church member Theresa) has created a very nice website.

     We had a good time visiting with Pastor and Mrs. Caulder and the Freedom Baptist Church Family.

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Cornerstone Baptist Church Roanoke Virginia

On Sunday morning (August 28) Maureen and I had the pleasure of visiting Cornerstone Baptist Church Roanoke Virginia. We were able to present our ministry during the Sunday school hour.

Cornerstone Baptist Church Roanoke Virginia

     We have been hosting a website for Cornerstone Baptist Church Roanoke ( since 2008.

     They started out using Microsoft’s Front Page, migrated to the Website Baker Templates and most recently I converted them over to WordPress.

     Cornerstone Baptist has been a long time supporting church. Pastor Jim Patterson had seen the value of our ministry and had taken us on for support.

     Several months ago Pastor Patterson retired, and Pastor David Jones took over Cornerstone Baptist Church Roanoke. I contacted Pastor Jones and let him know we would be passing through Roanoke Virginia on the way back to Dallas Texas and he invited us to come and present the ministry.

     Church planter and Evangelist Tim Holtsclaw was also going to be at the church for the morning service. Cornerstone is the Holstclaw’s Family’s home church. Brother Tim and I go back to 2011, when he went in to update the Cornerstone website. He had a website up for his family ministry and I registered a domain for him ( to make it easier for him to give it out to pastors. I have also registered several domains for some of the churches he has helped to plant over the years. It looks like we will be working together on a project in the near future.

     It was a blessing to finally meet the church members, Pastor David Jones and the Holtsclaw Family! 

     It was also fantastic to be able to share the details and the burden of what we do in our ministry with the people that pray for us and help support our work!

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