Updating Websites

Updating Websites

    Updating Websites for Sewickley Lighthouse Baptist Church

     I received an email from Pastor Gelfand of Sewickley Lighthouse Baptist Church (SLBC) in Sewickley PA. He sent me a copy of the church’s calendar and asked me to put it up on their website.

     I put their 2016 Calendar (pdf file) up on the website and added the events to the WordPress calendar software with the limited information I had available.

     Updating websites is a service I do for a number of ministries that can’t update their websites on their own due to a variety of reasons. This is an integral part of our ministry here (whether we are hosting them or not). I have been asked to update websites we were not hosting and have, on a couple of occasions, been able to help out other ministries.

     We have been working with SLBC since 2008 when two churches merged and formed Sewickley Lighthouse Baptist Church, and we registered their new domain (s-lbc.com) and started hosting them on the older Website Baker Templates. I was able to move them over to the more secure WordPress platform a little over a year ago.

     It is an honor and a privilege to help out God’s ministers by updating their websites and allow them to focus on running the churches. This is especially helpful to many of the smaller churches that we host.

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From a student in VA…

From a student in VA… This course is very important because it gives an insight to God and all of his promises. It surely is a gift of God. May the grace and love of God be with you, now and forever and God bless all of you brothers and sisters. May God bless is my prayer.

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Missionaries to Cyberspace 2 Quarter 2016 Newsletter

Volume 29 Issue 2 (May 2016)
Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

The Latest News:

  • We had the opportunity to set up our display at the Global Impact Celebration at Lavon Drive Baptist Church in Garland Texas (our home church).
  • Visited Marion Baptist Church  (a supporting church) in Marion Texas for the church’s 38th anniversary (and Bob’s 36th anniversary of receiving Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour). We got to set up our display and present the ministry to the church. (Full Story)
Church Website Ministry:

  • Set up WordPress website (bbbctx.com) for Bible Believers Baptist Church in Richardson Texas (house church). (Full Story)
  •  One of the aspects of our ministry is what you could call "domain returns." I haven't really talked about this in the past, but this is an integral part of our ministry. I returned a domain we "rescued" back in 2006! (Full Story)
  • Assisted a Pastor in updating and upgrading website we host, and helped resolve an access issue (Full Story)
  • Set up WrodPress website (kingjamesbaptistchurch.org) for King James Baptist Church in York, South Carolina (Full Story)
  • Set up WordPress website (boliviaforchrist.org) and an email account for the family of Pastor Don Weeks. It is an honor to help support his family’s ongoing ministry presenting the Gospel to the people of Bolivia! We have a long history with his family (Full Story)
  • Converted over English (rbcukraine.org) and Ukrainian (rbcukraine.com) language websites to WordPress for Revival Baptist Church in Ukraine. (Full Story)
  • Contacted John Joseph, a Missionary in Papua New Guinea to upgrade his website (png4Christ.com) to WordPress. He had some kind words.Upgraded website to WordPress (Full Story)
Bible Correspondence Courses: We want to thank Katherine Feguer, Lydia Henrici, J.L. & Florence Smith for helping on the Bible Correspondence courses over the last quarter.

First Quarter Stats: Praise the Lord, we had 3 salvations, sent out 810 lessons and issued 18 certificates to 124 students (6 are incarcerated and 56 were international). We had students in Australia, Canada, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Tanzania and USA.

Here are some comments we received from people that are taking the correspondence courses:

  • From a 15 year old in Nigeria – I have learned a lot in this book but the most important thing is to believe that Jesus died for my sins and he rose again on third day and is setted on the right hand side of God.
  • We sent a student in Malawi the Crosswalk course Christian Marriage and Family… I just want to say Greetings to you wonderful people. I also want to report that the marriage book you sent me is a wonderful one. I am slowly reading it to get whatever the writer want us to learn. Just to let you know that last Saturday we went to see one of our fellow church Director who has a newly born baby. As a Director of Administration I was given time to give piece of advice to our fellow Director and his family. I tell you all my advice came from that book, you really  have to buy yours and enjoy what is inside it.  Thank you very much for giving such a wonderful book. I hope you are all fine.
  • From a prisoner in W. VA. Question was: What is the most important thing you have learned in this course? His answer: To pick out one thing would not do justice to the course. I found many gems of truth in Jesus throughout the lessons. I am more at peace with myself and more in tune with God's will for my life, for doing them.
  • Comment from a student in NC…
    I think what blesses my heart the most in this lesson is the fact that as a Christian God doesn't see me as of what I deserve nor of what I am now as a child of God, but praise be to God He only sees me in the righteousness of His Son Jesus Christ.
Tract Ministry: We have "given out" over 77,000 Bible Tracts online.
Social Networking Outreach: I get new requests on my evangelistic Facebook account regularly. I now have 2700 "friends" in my evangelistic Facebook account. This is a valuable tool to reach the unsaved for Jesus.
Support:  We are currently at 67% of support for our ministry expenses. Please pray for us to be able to obtain a self propelled RV so we can go out and present the ministry to try and raise additional support. God is still providing for all our ministry needs at this time through love offerings.
Prayer Needs: Would you consider praying for us when special needs arise? If so, please subscribe to our prayer warrior's mailing list. :Click Here

Health Needs:  We have numerous health problems

  • Maureen's foot is finally getting better, but now she is going to have to go in and get a heart monitor to wear for a month to diagnose an irregular heartbeat.
  • Bob is suffering from the effects of working 24 x 7 shifts at Greyhound
  • Ongoing sinus and continuing allergy problems
  • The latest appears to be a losing battle with some angry fire ants (not serious -just a nuisance)

Financial Needs: We are being hit by all sorts of expenses, which by themselves are not major but together are adding up since we have gone back into full time ministry. 

  • We had back to back "20 year" hail storms. We thank our sending church Harvester Baptist Church in Columbia Maryland for picking up the deductible on the new roof and assorted repairs.

Your prayers are greatly coveted and appreciated.

Specific Financial Needs:

  • Our budgeted postage costs for the year were covered by a generous donation at the end of the year.
  • We do not have money to start visiting churches, and traveling to raise support, or to expand the ministry


Please consider a donation. FamilyNet is a 501 (C)(3) charity. Donations are tax deductible in the US – You can donate via PayPal (Donate button is on http://www.cyber-missions.com) or mail a check:
FamilyNet International Inc
P.O. Box 451951
Garland, TX 75045
(214) 257-0229

In Jesus' Service,

Bob and Maureen
Phil 2:4
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New Website

     I was contacted yesterday by Paul Pullen, a former pastor I put up a website for last year. Paul was no longer pastoring the church we put up that website for, but the church he was attending now (North Spoon Baptist Church in Poplarville Mississippi) wanted a new website.

     Paul gave me the requirements the church had for the new website. We talked briefly about the option of doing a “budget streaming” of special camp meetings and special services, and he was going to look into a Twitter offering called “Periscope.”

     We talked a little and Paul decided on “northspoonbc.com” as a domain name. I set his new website up on WordPress with a calendar and sermon manager. I am waiting to hear back from Paul any assistance he may need in setting up a different template and/or getting the sermon manager or calendar going.

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Czech Republic Website

       Back in 2009 in was approached by Josh Norton, a missionary to the Czech Republic. He wanted to set up a website for their ministry “Baptistické Centrum.”

     We talked for a while and I registered a domain for them "baptistickecentrum.com." I set up the Website Baker templates at that time and they created a website.

     Over the years it was hard enough to maintain contact with the ministries I was hosting websites for in the United States, let alone ministries that were overseas. I needed to migrate everyone off the Website Baker Templates due to security issues, and I need to verify that these ministries have not closed their doors.

     I sent Brother Josh an email at the end of last week, and the email address did not bounce (a good sign). But I still had not received a reply, and the website only had a single web page. A web search was inconclusive (because in the Czech Republic where the language is not English).

     I sent off another email and since they only had a single page of content, moved the website over to WordPress.

     I started some in depth research. I found a disturbing search result. An obituary indicating that Josh had gone home to be with the Lord in 2012.

     I put a note on the website (in English of course) and a means of contact so that people can contact me if the ministry is still viable, and they would like to take over the website.

     While Josh is in glory right now, he left all sorts of people behind that are probably still grieving their loss. (Romans 8:28)

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Papua New Guinea Missionary Website

Papua New Guinea

     Back in 2010 I was approached by John Joseph, a Missionary in Papua New Guinea. He wanted to put up a website for a Christian School (Meq'niha Educational Centre).

they had going there. I registered a domain (png4Christ.com) and installed the Website Baker templates for him. He built a nice little website.

     I lost contact with them over the last six years, and as I have been trying to re-establish contact with all the ministries, and now particularly those on the older templates. His website had not been updated in quite a while so I sent Brother John an email on Saturday asking if the ministry was still in operation and if he still wanted to keep the website up. I received a reply that was a blessing!

     Bro Bob,

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I thank you for providing this website service to us for all these years and it has been very beneficial.

Our Christian Education Ministry has expanded very much since then but I could not do much to include all information on the website.

Much of the problem here in Papua New Guinea is the internet service provided here is so slow.. the government is very slowly trying to rectify this problem. Also the internet cost is very high compared to other countries but God is good to his children here. How can I make it fast?

I have tried on several occasions to access the web to update but could not do to forgetting how to get into admin. Please resend me the admin access.

I have recently started trying to upgrade with a view to now making changes to the website and upgrading it. I will need your help

I would appreciate your help and continued usage of the website.

Thank you once Bro Bob and for being a real blessing to me.

Papua New Guinea     I migrated the png4Christ.com website over to WordPress and rebuilt the content. I provided brother John the login information. Again it is a blessing to see how the Lord uses us to help missionaries around the world!

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WordPress Updates

     WordPress came out with a major update a couple of days ago. The previous version of WordPress (4.4.2) had some critical security issues. Usually security bug fixes are applied automatically, however since there was a new major release, version 4.5 (and subsequent version 4.5.1) had to be applied manually to 4.4.2. I spent most of the weekend upgrading the remainder of the 100 or so odd websites we host on WordPress. Got them all done. 

     If your ministry is on an older version of WordPress, you may want to consider going in and getting the upgrades done. My log files are showing a lot of hacking attempts over the weekend.

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Revival Baptist Church – Ukraine

     Back in 2010 I was approached by Pastor Paul Dudka from the Ukraine. I don’t remember how he heard about us, but he knew we were putting up websites for Independent Baptist Ministries.

     Pastor Dudka is the pastor of Revival Baptist Church in the Carpathian region of Vizhnitsya, Chernivtsy oblast, Ukraine.  Pastor Dudka also ministers in the mountains around him in quite a large geographical area and teaches at a Bible college.

     We spoke for a while via Skype, and I was able to set Pastor Dudka up with an English language website on the Website Baker Templates

     After I built, and he got the English website online we talked about a second website in the Ukraine language. I built the second, separate website on a sub (or second level) domain off the top level domain. Pastor Dudka added all the content in the Ukrainian language. He is also well equipped in the skills to build websites!

     I have been trying migrate the websites we host off the Website Baker templates and onto WordPress. Pastor Dudka’s websites presented an extra challenge because there were two of them, in two languages, one on a sub domain. And one in a language that I don’t even recognize the letters in, makes the task of my trying to copy a complex website a little daunting.

     I talked it over with Pastor Dudka and we decided to put the websites on separate top level domains. I registered a new domain for the English Website (rbcukraine.org), and decided to build a brand new WordPress website on the old English Website Baker English domain (rbcukraine.com) once the new English website was completed. The Ukrainian language website is at ua.rbcukraine.com.

     I had the English website built, approved by Pastor Dudka and transferred over several weeks ago. I am in the process of duplicating the Ukrainian language website at this time. My head is spinning. 

     It is an honor and a blessing to be used of God to minister to his preachers so far away!

     Pastor Dudka will be coming to the US in the near future and would like to set up some meetings in Southern Texas (I think it is some time in May). You can contact him on Facebook

     He is on Skype at: pashadudka

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IBBC Paris Illinois

     I have been moving our hosted websites off the old Website Baker Templates little by little. Today I was able to move Independent Bible Baptist Church in Paris Illinois (ibbsparisil.com) onto a WordPress website. IBBC is one of the first churches we hosted back in 2006 and is the first church I was able to present our ministry to when we went full time back in 2008! (I didn't think the presentation went all that well although Maureen thought it was ok).

Independent Bible Baptist Church Paris Illinois

     Pastor Pullen is a bi-vocational Pastor and will check out the website when he gets the opportunity. The church has been a blessing to Maureen and I!

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Missionary Website

     Back in 2009 we worked with Missionary Don Weeks (Bolivia) to get his missionary website back online.  Since that time, he came back to the US and became pastor of Antioch Missionary Baptist Church in Ona West Virginia. He contacted me last week to let me know he wanted to resurrect the boliviaforchrist.org website. Some of his children were planning on going to Bolivia as missionaries.

     We talked and corresponded a little and at first he was going to create offsite content and upload it using FTP (file transfer protocol). Then Pastor Weeks asked if I could set up a WordPress website for him. He had worked with WordPress before and was comfortable with it.

     I set up a WordPress website for him and an email account on his domain boliviaforchrist.org. It is an honor to help support his family’s ongoing ministry presenting the Gospel to the people of Bolivia!

     Over the years we have had the honor of hosting many missionary websites – we can maintain them, update them and perhaps most importantly make sure they don't expire while missionaries are on the mission field!

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